A Balanced Life

In today's world, many of us live in a constant state of heightened alertness. This creates a sense of imbalance in our lives. We can become disconnected from our loved ones, our lives, and ourselves. We lose touch with our innate power and our ability to create the lives we want - responding to life from stress and fear instead of strength and purpose.


Throughout our lives, we have developed habits that keep us repeating the patterns that maintain our sense of imbalance. They are familiar to us, therefore, we continue to repeat them over and over again. We have trouble sleeping, feeling fully present, connecting with our loved ones, living a purposeful life. When we allow these patterns to keep a hold on us, life can be draining and unenjoyable.


The good news is: we can consciously shift these patterns

to elevate the way we navigate in the world!


How do you do this? One way to is book a comprehensive consultation with Aimee Williams, CCA. Another way would be to add some Restorative Self-Care Products to your daily routine. Utilizing the gentle yet powerful nature of plant medicines, such as Holistic Aromatherapy and Flower Essences, is an affordable, readily available method to bring balance back into your life! You can also participate in one of the classes offered by Aimee. Learn how you can incorporate these holistic methods into your daily life.

Holistic Clinical Aromatherapist, Aimee Williams, offers comprehensive consultations that look at your emotional, mental, and physical health. Together you will create a holistic protocol that best suits your individual well-being.


We use only pure essential oils, herbs, natural salts, and other plant medicines in Aromatic Origins' Restorative Self-Care Products.

Restorative Self-Care


Aimee Williams, CCA offers classes and workshops that enhance our quality of life. These courses teach us how to use holistic methods to improve our daily lives.

Classes & Workshops

What Others Say

"Aimee is well versed in her field. She knows so much about aromatherapy and has helped me with several different issues, from skin problems, aches and pains to energy issues. She has customized many different combinations of aromatherapy oils and all of them helped me tremendously. Aimee is warm, patient and really listens to your needs. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an expert aromatherapist!"