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I have spent the past 2 decades studying & working with plant medicines and other natural health modalities. I began working with herbs first to enhance my physical well-being. Learning about using teas & tinctures to rid my body of illness is how I brought plant medicine into my life over 25 years ago. From there, aromatics and flower essences naturally joined my holistic lifestyle to achieve health & well-being.


Becoming a mother in 1999 spurred my knowledge so that I could utilize plant medicines for the overall health of my family. While I continued to add to my holistic library as I mothered my children off the grid in the high desert of Northern Arizona, I knew that I wanted to offer my vast knowledge of natural healing to my community, but wasn't sure quite how.


I began making my own body care products in 2011. Prior to that, I had formulated many herbal & aromatic healing products for myself & my family, but on an as-needed basis.


After receiving my BA in Art Therapy in 2015, I was looking at Master programs in Marriage & Family Counseling. Every program I looked at just didn't excite joy within me. I kept searching for the perfect school & perfect program that would allow me to help others heal their emotional wounds.


A loved one then said to me: "You make such amazing products, can you do something with that to help people?" I thought: "Hmmmm. I can! I can become an Aromatherapist to be able to help others in ways that I have helped myself & my family!"


I didn't stop there! Once I got her certification in Aromatherapy, I went on to study Clinical Aromatherapy with extra classes in Aromatic Chemistry & Aromatherapy and Medicine of the Soul. I am currently enrolled in Aromatic Medicine, which will take me to over 700 hours in aromatherapy education!! Phew! 


I am a member of NAHA and attend their national conference regularly. I am very active in the aromatherapy community and continue to learn all that I can! However, learning about the Aromatic Doctrine of Signatures as an intuitive way of formulating plant medicine changed the way I approached using aromatherapy for emotional & energetic healing.


All of my supplies for formulating Restorative Self-Care Products are organically grown or wildcrafted. I work with companies who ethically source their botanical materials. Sustainability is very important to me. You will find cautions on particular essential oils in my classes, and many I leave out of my lessons due to their severe endangerment. Less is more when it comes to Intuitive Aromatherapy.


I also hold certifications in natural healing modalities including Reiki, Crystology, PMADs {Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders}, and treating trauma. 


In my private practice, I work with those who are ready to heal their emotional wounds, support their physical bodies, and strengthen their resolve in an integrative way. I help clients discover the skills that already reside inside of them to reconnect to their balance so that they can live their lives fully present.


As wounded healers, we become transformed when we recognize that our wound is completely personal and uniquely our own, while simultaneously being a universal, impersonal process in which everyone is participating. 

~Paul Levy


I have devoted my life to diving deep into learning wholistic ways to come back into ourselves. As a Wounded Healer, my soul purpose is to offer this knowledge to help you enhance the quality of your life. I am here to help you break the patterns that no longer serve your Highest Light to live mindfully, authentically, and fully embodied. You are not alone. Together we can heal your disconnection and pain.

In January of 2020, I opened Mountain Sage Wellness Shop in downtown Hendersonville, NC. In my wellness shop, I feature locally made health and wellness products as well as the supplies to make your own! Check out our wonderful list of organic herbs and pure essential oils.

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