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Importance of Ritual

Rituals, whether performed individually or as a collective, are a series of actions that affect us on a deep emotional & spiritual level. Rituals connect us to our spirituality. They can be as simple as our morning routines and as elaborate as religious sacraments. They add profound meaning and strength to the actions being performed. Without rituals, our actions lack significance & purpose.


Performing rituals allows us to be mindful & fully present as we bring our awareness to our intentional actions. Whether that is reading bedtime stories to our children or clasping hands in prayer or ringing bells during meditation, any action we perform with intention & sacredness is a ritual.


We perform rituals as a way to belong to a community, feel grounded & centered, help us through troubled times, ease our pain, bring us joy, share sacredness with ourselves & others, and pass on our beliefs & wisdom to our children.


Using aromatics and other plant medicines in ritual have a direct influence on our emotion control center, our limbic system. This allows us to immediately shift our consciousness & bring our awareness to the present moment. Aromatics instantly access our deep-seated memories and connection to the Divine. Here we can transform any ordinary moment into one of transcendent embodiment.


When we gently spritz ourselves, anoint our pulse points, or breathe deeply with our aromatic blends while setting an intention, we heighten & reinforce our wholeness. Adding our hand-crafted botanical ritual tools to your self-care routine is a beautiful way to honor and respect your sacredness.

Make every day sacred.​

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