Intuitive Aromatherapy

The Aromatic Doctrine of Signatures is an intuitive way to formulate aromatic blends for emotional & energetic health & well-being. It looks at the plant part the essential oil is distilled from to understand how it influences us on an emotional or energetic level. The Aromatic Doctrine of Signatures includes: Roots, Seeds, Fruits, Flowers, Leaves, Woods, Resins. 

Aromas have the power to influence our lives physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Breathing in essential oils (EOs) has an immediate effect on our limbic system, which is our emotion control center. This makes aromatherapy a potent tool when healing our energy & emotions, especially deep-seated emotional wounds.

As a Holistic Clinical Aromatherapist and Transcendent Embodiment Practitioner, understanding how EOs can impact our quality of life emotionally & energetically allows me to help my customers and clients heal on a deep level. Looking at the energetics of the plant part to recognize how it helps us move through that which holds us back is profoundly transformative.

I formulate hand-crafted Restorative Self-Care Products to bring a sense of balance to your life. All of my supplies are Certified Organic or wildcrafted and gathered from ethical resources. Only pure plant extracts, essential oils, herbs, salts, & vegetable oils are used in my formulations. Our self-care products are made with love and intention to serve your Highest Light and honor your wholeness. 



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