Our Offerings

Made of the finest ingredients, all of small-batch our Restorative Self-Care Products are hand-made with love and intention. Our products can be purchased at Mountain Sage Wellness Shop in downtown Hendersonville, NC.

Here you will find our 

  • Aromatherapy Spritzers

  • Anointing Oil Roll-Ons

  • Bath Salts

  • Warrior Skin Healing Salve

  • Tension Relief Balm

  • Aromatic Chest Rubs

  • Women's Health

  • Organic Skincare

  • Customized Products

Our Blends

Divine Feminine: this intoxicating, floral aromatic blend allows us to restore compassion for ourselves

& others. It helps us to recall our Inner Wisdom.

Sacred Masculine: this earthy, grounding aromatic blend inspires us to move forward with strength & purpose. It reminds us to feel secure within our bodies.

Connectthis rich aromatic blend is emotionally warming & energetically balancing. It helps us reconnect with our loved ones & ourselves.

Empower: this uplifting yet grounding aromatic blend inspires us to go after what we want. It awakens & motivates our Inner Purpose.


Protection: this grounding, comforting aroma helps us stay present while defending ourselves against negativity.

Bliss: this bright, apple-y aromatic blend balances

our emotions so we can find happiness in life. It helps us access our Inner Joy.

Inner Peace: this centering, comforting aromatic blend brings grace & harmony into our lives. It

allows us to "be here now."

Sleeping Beauty: this calming aromatic blend soothes our spirit. It helps us ease our restlessness

for deep sleep.

Renew: this fresh aromatic blend is balancing & soothing to our emotions. It is nurturing on all

levels, which offers calming & comforting support.


Moxie: helps us tap into our inner confidence so that we go after what we want. Reach for the stars!

Strengthen: this crisp, opening aromatic blend helps fortify our resolve. It balances our body systems to enhance our health & well-being.


Appreciation: this bright, fruity aromatic blend helps us be in the present moment. It removes negativity

by uplifting our spirit.


Release: this invigorating aromatic blend promotes confidence, which allows us to let go of what does not serve our Highest Light. It opens our minds to new ideas.

Breathe Deep: this expansive aromatic blend helps us take a moment in our busy lives to focus on our breathing. It reinforces our body systems.


Forest Bathing: this bright, woodsy aromatic blend promotes our sense of peace & belonging. It helps us find direction when we are feeling lost.


Clear Vision: this stimulating & refreshing aroma opens our minds so that we can see our paths clearly. It helps awaken our tired brains.

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