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Restorative Self-Care for Anger

Ahhhh anger, you red-faced brute!! 😡

Anger often comes to us when our pride gets injured. It is one of our basic human emotions, and can be a great survival tool. Anger can help us out of a fight or flight situation, either by physically fighting or by scaring someone off with our inflamed words and actions.

When anger takes over due to hurt pride, it steals our happiness. We lose our peace of mind. And its heat is so powerful it consumes us. Physically we become heated, we build up tension in our bodies, and we feel out of control of ourselves. Emotionally we can't see clearly like we are in a thick fog (we see RED), we have toxic thoughts, and we feel like a crazed monster has taken over.

So what can we do?

There are many self-care tools we can use to calm and quiet our anger:

  • When we are in the moment of anger, do chores! Yes! Do them! You will be amazed at how fast you get them done, and the satisfaction of a completing your chores makes you feel good.

  • Stop. Breathe. Count to 10. Unclench your tight muscles. Breathe. Count to 10. Do a shimmy (shake it all out). Breathe. Count to 10. Take a walk. Breathe. Count to 10.

  • Notice where you are holding your tightness. Close your eyes and breathe gentleness into that area. Breathe softness and love into your tightness. Let go.

  • Sit by a river or stream. Imagine your anger flowing out of you, over the rocks, down the stream.

  • Use color therapy! Soft blues, light purples, and deep greens can help quiet down anger. Wrap yourself in a calming colored scarf or blanket. Breathe.

  • Wear a spinner ring, pray the rosary, meditate with a mala, rub a worry stone. Sending your focus to your outer extremities helps pull the condense heated anger away from your core, which allows you to cool off.

  • Give yourself some compassion. Anger creeps us on us sometimes. If you expressed your anger towards someone, apologize. Then offer yourself some forgiveness and compassion. Shit happens. So does forgiveness. Be gentle with yourself. We are all just trying to do our best. Give yourself a break by forgiving your actions.

  • If your anger is all-consuming, seek help. You don't have to live your life suffering in anger. If the above techniques are quite enough, ask for help.

Aromatherapy for Anger

  • Bergamot Citrus bergamia: opens the heart to allow love & compassion in

  • Cape Chamomile Eriocephalus punctulatis: calms inflamed emotions; tranquilizing

  • Clary Sage Salvia sclarea*: balances our emotions; nervous system tonic

  • Egyptian Geranium Pelargonium x asperum: helps us find harmony in our relations; balancing to mood swings; opens our hearts to nurturing love

  • Lavender Lavandula angustifolia: calms & steadies our hearts; offers us gentleness

  • Lemon Citrus limon: helps clear emotional blocks; eases fear; brings clarity

  • Patchouli Pogostemon cablin: grounds us; promotes sense of peace

  • Petitgrain Citrus aurantium var. amara: harmonizing; helps us gain control of ourselves

  • Plai Zingiber cassumunar: cooling to tension; soothes nerves

  • Rose Rosa damascena: nourishes the heart; comforting; tonic for the spirit

  • Sandalwood Santulum spicatum: restorative to the nervous system; meditative

  • Vetiver Vetiver zizanioides: grounds us; calms emotional distress

  • Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata: beautiful nervine; soothes heightened emotions

*Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Always practice caution when using essential oils while pregnant or with any major illness or with children & the elderly. Seek professional guidance.

Bach Flower Essences for Anger

  • Cherry Plum Punus cerasifera: you can barely control yourself; you feel like you are a ticking time bomb

  • Holly Ilex aquifolium: you react explosively; you are discontented & frustrated

  • Impatiens Impatiens glandulifera: you easily flare up but your anger passes quickly; can't sit still; you are curt and insensitive

  • Vine Vitis vinifera: you ruthlessly disregard the opinion of others; can't tolerate anyone contradicting you; narrow-minded; you are cruel

  • Willow Salix vitellina: you react defensively and with accusations; you are spiteful & judgmental

Now all of these suggestions are just that ~ suggestions. Anger can sometimes need medical attention. I urge you to seek the assistance of a trained professional if your anger is all-consuming and you feel out of control of your emotions and temper. If your anger is greatly impacting your (and your loves ones') quality of life, get help. Don't suffer any longer.

As always, I do not recommend ingesting #essentialoils. Be sure to dilute properly if applying topically. Inhalation has the most immediate effect on our limbic system (our emotion control center), so my preferred choice for healing emotions with aromatherapy. Reach out to me if you have any questions.

May we all know peace.

In Kindness,


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