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Sustainability is a buzz word these days. Everyone wants to be sustainable, but might not be sure how to go about it in regards to #essentialoils. The first step is to look at your essential oil (EO) usage. Are you diffusing all of the time? My thoughts on diffusing may be different than many others. I only diffuse when there is a purpose, such as when illness comes into my home, when my emotional health needs to be re-balanced, or I am under a deadline and need a mental boost. I use a nebulizing diffuser that does not use water. I diffuse for short periods of time. Diffusing all day long is not only #unsustainable, but also can be harmful. We can become overly sensitive to the EOs (sensitization), and can develop allergies to them. Once we become sensitized to an EO, we will always be sensitized. Overuse of EOs can have long-term negative effects. Its recommended to alternate your EOs and be aware of your usage frequency to lessen the chance of becoming sensitized.

If you want to get the same benefits of diffusing, try inhalation. The reasons I prefer using a personal aromatherapy inhaler over diffusing are they are more sustainable because aromatherapy inhalers may last for up to a year depending on the EOs, they are contained so they won't affect those who are also in the room, they are portable, and you won't become sensitized to them because they are not continuously pumping EOs into the air.

Another way to be more sustainable with EOs is to know if the ones you use are threatened plants. I have closely looked at my essential oil supplies to be sure that I am not contributing to the endangerment of certain plants. I have removed several EOs from my blends. This website is a great resource: https://www.iucnredlist.org Also, please check out the work being done by Dr. Kelly Ablard in regards to essential oil sustainability

It's our responsibility to know if we are endangering plants due to our EO usage. We all need to do our part to help protect these precious plant medicines for our future generations!

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