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TRE: Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

Oh my word! I am so excited! I am finishing up my training in TRE and will be offering this to my clients in 2020!!

What's TRE? TRE: Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises was developed by Dr. David Berceli, a world-renowned trauma specialist. He was working in war-torn areas of the world when we started noticing the changes in the body when someone is under attack. He was in a bomb shelter when bombs were going off and he noticed that everyone would contract their bodies during the bombing. We all do this. It's our instinct to contract and protect ourselves.

Well, the children were shaking afterwards and the adults weren't. Dr. Berceli asked the locals why they didn't shake, their reply was that they did not want to appear weak for the children. Once it was clear to exit the bomb shelter, the children went about playing and the adults remained contracted.

From there, Dr. Berceli started studying the mechanics of the body and why the adults would stay contracted and the children who were shaking would not.

Animals do this. Have you ever seen a dog after a dog fight and they are lying there shaking? Children do this. Have your ever seen a toddler having a tantrum so big that they were shaking while having the tantrum?

Our amazing bodies come equipped with the tools to release any intense or traumatic experiences we encounter. BUT. Our egos prevent us from letting go. When we feel we will look weak and don't allow ourselves to shake or tremor to allow that intense experience to move through & out of of bodies, then it gets stuck.

Unintegrated traumatic experiences get trapped in the body. This stuckness can manifest into chronic illnesses, deep-rooted physical pain, persistent mental anguish, a low quality of life.

We see this in others. We know this to be true. Many times we don't recognize it in ourselves because sometimes we don't know the story behind it. Maybe when it happened it was preverbal or we witnessed a traumatic event so we are indirectly affected or our memories around the story are hidden. With TRE, the story doesn't matter.

Let me repeat that. With TRE, the story DOES NOT matter! I love this part! We do not have to know the story around the tension and/or trauma that is being released when doing TRE! Isn't that wonderful! We don't have to bring up the story around our trauma in order to discharge it from our bodies!!!

Now, let me tell you about my experience with TRE. I took a 6-week course were we met once a week. This course opened my eyes to the possibilities of TRE and helping my clients who are suffering from high stress and trauma. In all of my studies around trauma, one thing the experts say repeatedly is that movement is needed to fully unshackle our experiences from ourselves! Movement!

After I took the 6-week course, I started searching for a TRE trainer. My husband had suggested that I reach out to a few practitioners to see if TRE is worth the time and money to get trained in. I found Donna Philips in Greensboro, and after a few conversations with her I had signed up for her training. I began my training with her in April 2019. I am headed out to Greensboro today for my final in-person training. I am very excited to be able to offer this modality to my clients!!!

Since I began my own personal practice, my 24 year old back injury pain has subsided. It has been so long that I have been living with chronic back pain that I just figured it would be with me forever! I see a chiropractor regularly, whom I am so thankful for. But now I don't go as often. I am down to once a month with my chiropractics. Now that didn't happen over night. However, doing TRE along with chiropractics has been amazing for enhancing my quality of life!

I have had knee issues since I was 14. Well, before that, but at 14 they wanted to go in and do surgery. Thankfully my mom didn't allow that as I was still growing! I have been in and out of knee braces since then. Two years ago I went in for a consultation to see if I am a candidate for knee surgery. Now I am too young for it! Actually, it would be knee replacement.

Since beginning my personal TRE practice, I hike brace-free! What?!? Yep, I don't wear my knee braces like I used to. TRE has helped me release the trauma around my back injury and has improved my knees!

Everyone is different. Everyone has different tension & trauma burrowed in their bodies. Everyone will be affected by TRE differently.

Just my experiences alone makes me SUPER thrilled that I chose to be trained in TRE so I can offer this to my community!!!

To learn more about how TRE down-regulates our nervous systems so that we can learn new patterns on how to respond to tension & trauma, please click here. I didn't even go into detail around TRE as that would be an even longer Journal Post!

Please reach out if you have any questions aimee@aromaticorigins.com

Be well my friends! May we all know peace!

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