Our Strengthen Aromatic Blend supports us as we learn to stand tall in our convictions. This crisp, opening aromatic blend helps fortify our resolve. It balances our body systems to enhance our health and well-being. Our Strengthen Aromatic Blend gives us the space to pause, take a deep breath, and be inspired to go after what we want in life. The woodsy and fruity aroma brings in a sense of fortitude and stability so that we can tap into our Inner Power.


Our Strengthen Aromatic Blend is available in our Aromatic Spritzers and Aromatherapy Inhalers.


INGREDIENTS: Sweet Orange Citrus sinensis, Atlas Cedarwood Cedrus atlantica, Balsam Fir Abies balsamea, Pinon Pine Pinus edulis, Larch Larix laricina


*For external use only. Keep away from children. Do not ingest.


Restorative Self-Care for a Balanced Life


Aromatic Application
  • Our Aromatherapy Inhalers are made in small batches and hand-poured with intention and love. Their small size make them easy to take with you wherever you go. Our Aromatherapy Inhalers are perfect for when you are unable to use aromatics out in the open. Whether you are concerned about effecting those around you, work in a fragrance-free zone, or just want a more sustainable way to use aromatics, our personal inhalers are a great option.

    Our Aromatherapy Inhalers last 6-12 months as long as you keep them capped when not in use. They are a fantastic way to use aromatics to have an immediate effect on your limbic system without influence anyone else.

    TO USE: Set your intention. Open the cap and waft the bottle under your nose. Breathe deeply. Keep out of reach of children.

    SIZE: 2ml

    CONTAINER: Glass bottle, Organic cotton insert

    *Traditionally, aromatherapy inhalers are made with a plastic tube. We are trying to limit our single-use plastic applicators by using small glass bottles. If the small glass bottles are a concern for you, (due to young children getting access), please let us know and we can easily change the applicator for you. 

  • Our Aromatic Spritzers Our Aromatherapy Roll-Ons are made in small batches and hand-poured with intention and love. They are a wonderful addition to any daily routine. Use these to enhance your disposition and to create your desired atmosphere. Our Aromatic Spritzers are perfect for quickly and easily shift the air around you. Take a moment out of your busy day to gently spritz yourself as a way of honoring all that you do.

    TO USE: Shake well to activate. Hold the bottle 6-8" from your body & spritz as desired. 

    *Avoid your eyes, mouth & mucus membranes. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest.

    INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, alcohol, Solubol, and Aromatic Blend

    SIZE: 60ml {2oz}

    CONTAINER: Glass bottle, BPA-FREE plastic

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